Democrat David Alameel believes in the American Dream because he has lived it himself. He came to America when he was just twenty years old leaving behind his large Lebanese Christian family. David pumped gas and worked in the fields to help his family. He proudly served in the U.S. Army, then worked his way through college and received a Dental degree from the University of Texas. Later he moved to Dallas and founded a network of dental clinics that grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise. In recent years he sold that business and has become a highly successful investor and an expert in financial markets. He is a strong critic of Wall Street and says we must reform current policies "that subsidize big banks and corporations and hurt the middle class."

Dr. Alameel and Martha, his wife of 42 years, have two grown children, Mark and Nadya, and one grandson. Dr. Alameel has served on various civic boards and organizations in the Dallas area. He is an active philanthropist, with an emphasis on educational opportunity. He founded the Alameel Foundation to provide community services in the DFW area, and he serves as President of the League of Latin American Citizens Greater Texas LULAC Council. 

Dr. Alameel has been an active supporter of Democratic causes and candidates in Texas. He received the "Centennial Award" from President Bill Clinton in 1999.


- Dr. David Alameel

"I will fight to make sure corporations pay their fair share of taxes. We need fair economic policies that create jobs and income for all American families instead of just benefiting Wall Street and the super-rich."

"I'm a veteran and a strong supporter of the military, but after 12 years, it's time for us to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and use the billions we are spending there to improve our economy at home by investing in good jobs, good schools And protecting Social Security and Medicare."

"I will NEVER vote to cut Social Security or Medicare; and I will ALWAYS fight Wall Street attempts to weaken or privatize them."

"Every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education, regardless of what neighborhood they come from."

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